IB Schools In Mumbai: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think



IB Schools In Mumbai: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think


Did you know that The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program was completed by more than 170000 students in 158 countries this year?

IB Program in Mumbai is considered to be demanding as it is completed throughout the final two years of high school, entails six subjects in addition to extracurricular demands, a 4,000 word essay, as well as a Theory of Knowledge course.

Exams make up the majority of the assessment, and the same exams are given in every country for every subject. In addition to attracting high achievers, the program’s uniformity makes it appealing to students wishing to study abroad.

Unsurprisingly, compared to their non-IB peers, kids in IB programmes “perceive much more stress”. Within the IB world, there is a running joke about it being a high-stress workplace. But underneath the humour, some parents really consider IB schools in Mumbai to be tough to get into as well as to succeed in. But, is this allegation true?

Selection Procedure

IB schools in Mumbai have a curriculum which caters to building students into an all-rounded individual, and thereby have a specialised pathway of subjects. The IB schools in Mumbai do a thorough screening of the students to understand their aptitude for IB and motivation for academic excellence before enrolling them in the course.

IB is not a programme for open, inclusive education; rather, it is a specialised career path for top students. Its true that international programmes in Mumbai do not believe in rote learning or mindless rigour of repetition but the overall rigour in terms of deeper learning and critical thinking is far greater.

In other words, the IB’s level of difficulty is appropriate due to its high academic standards and a global appeal.

It is time to be more careful about who is permitted to attempt the challenge rather than blame the IB curriculum. You can also admit your child into an IB inspired early years program to train their minds from the early years. Read more about it here.

Intense Curriculum

The IB program in Mumbai is intense because it requires students to take six subjects. Any three or four of these subjects should be Higher Level and the rest should be Standard Level.

Unlike the Standard Level subjects, you’ll have to do more research for your Higher Level, and that means you must study the subjects in this category in great depth.

It doesn’t end there. You also have to participate in CAS (Creativity, Activity, and Service), take Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course, and write an Extended Essay (EE).

While IB is a comprehensive program, with every subject well interlinked to one another, the learning curve and experience is undeniably intense.

The IB Program in Your First vs. Second Year

The first year is brand-new, in every way. Your teacher makes sure you comprehend the IB programme and engages you in all aspects of it.

Even if you are certain that you are a top student, the second year will most certainly be close.

Year 2 is difficult since you have to do your CAS reflection, prepare for your final exams, and submit many submissions.

Your instructor anticipates you to finish your Theory of Knowledge, Internal Assessment, and Extended Essays projects.

The second year will be challenging, so there won’t be any room for procrastination. If you stray from your learning schedule even little, it could be challenging for you to finish the IB Diploma in Mumbai.

Sticking to the IB program in Mumbai requires patience, hard work, and discipline.

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