IB Early Years Programme

The IB Early Years Program at Podar ORT International School is designed as a platform that is built on the pillars of the IB PYP aligned with the goals and visions of the Reggio Emilia Approach. We strive to deliver a holistic child-centred development program that also believes that the learning environment is the third teacher.

It emphasizes on the play way approach, autonomy and collaboration as children build self-esteem and respect for one another. Our personalized learning approach aims to customize learning according to each learner’s strengths, needs, skills and interests.

Podar International School Worli Mumbai
IB Early Years Programme Worli Mumbai

Learning is rooted in student-led inquiry which challenges the learners to explore issues of local and global significance, to think critically, and to take responsibility for their learning. Within this framework, the learners develop knowledge, skills and conceptual understanding.

The power of play is the primary vehicle for inquiry. Our program supports thoughtful and intentional opportunities for child-initiated play, hands-on learning, and the construction of learning between teachers and students. Through play and exploration, students learn to inquire as they build and test theories to help make sense of the world around them.

We recognize that collaboration between teachers, children and parents produce positive, productive relationships and we view parents as partners in their child’s education as we aim to create an atmosphere of community, collaboration and trust.

Senior K.G. - How the World Works

Experiments about Materials

Learning objective :How are different types of materials made and their responsible usage.

FOCUS: 3R’s: Reduce- Reuse- Recycle

Children are naturally inquisitive especially about the world around them and have many thought provoking questions on the existence of various things. This curiosity of theirs was the driving force for our inquiry through out the unit How the world works

Tuning In: At the beginning of the unit children were presented with a video of different materials as a provocation ,followed by I see, I think, I wonder sheet. Children came up with a few unique and thought provoking questions which helped shape the inquiry.


Finding out: A wonderful story “The Giving Tree” made  children aware of the reality that man has been deforesting to  suit his needs. This gave children a heads up to commence  research projects on how cotton and paper are made. They  came up with wonderful presentations to display their findings,  through PPT’s , flow charts and videos.

Going further: Children were  deeply moved by the fact that many  trees are cut down to make paper. We humans tend to misuse and waste a lot of natural resources  resulting in one section of society  getting a lot and other highly  deprived of basic resources. To solve  this problem children brainstormed  and came up with the idea of  making essential agreements to  protect the resources available to  mankind. The 3Rs were introduced  to them which helped initiate their  contribution towards the world.

Guest Speaker

Taking action:

Senior K.G team was delighted to invite Ms.Priti from Pretty things, an organisation that  promotes and believes in the 3R’s. She discussed with them the importance of recycling  and harmful effects of land pollution. Ms.Priti along with the children utilised household  waste and other remnant materials to make lovely Christmas ornaments.

Taking action: It  was awe inspiring  to see children  apply their  learning in their  daily lives to  create cloth bags  and clothes for  their dolls  reusing their old t- shirts; taking a little step  towards creating  a positive  difference to the  planet.