IB Schools In Mumbai: A Simple (But Complete) Guide



IB Schools In Mumbai: A Simple (But Complete) Guide


In recent years, there has been a significant transformation in the education profession. The difficulties have grown, and so has the rivalry among the students. Finding the best course of action for future results has also grown to be rather challenging. And since your child’s professional path and university courses depend on the subjects they choose in their mid-teens, it is important to understand the specifics of the syllabus before things get started.

You can prepare your child for a competitive university entrance exam, future opportunities, and a rewarding life beyond by enrolling him or her in an international baccalaureate diploma programme at the best Mumbai school.

However, it is important to understand specifics about the course itself before moving forward. Hence, here’s an insightful article which will give you a complete idea about the IB curriculum, IB schools in Mumbai as well as enable you to make a sound choice for your child.

History of IB

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program was first established in 1968. It was founded by educators in Geneva to aid kids in growing and getting ready for life in college and careers afterward.

The IB diploma programme for senior-level high school students was the organization’s first programme to be provided, and it was followed by two more: the Middle Years Programme for students between the ages of 11 and 16 and the Primary Program for children between the ages of 6 and 12. The fourth and final IB programme, the Career-Related Program, was very recently introduced in the year 2012.

For high school students, a career-related curriculum was created with the same goals as other programmes,i.e. for future career prospects.

The International Baccalaureate programme seeks to cultivate young minds who are curious, knowledgeable, and eager to improve the world through respect and international understanding.

What Makes the IB Program in Mumbai a Good Option for Your Child?

IBDP is the greatest educational programme for your child if you want to optimise their academic potential, intellectual capability, and character in order for them to become future leaders. Additionally, IB programmes from Mumbai are accessible and respected internationally.

This implies that pupils in high school will ultimately study a common curriculum of different countries.

Additionally, many universities around the world have regulations that accept the IB coursework that students have completed in high school due to the IB program’s widespread popularity. Some universities will grant college credits based only on a student’s qualified IB exam scores.

The IB diploma programme also seeks to provide students with a broad and deep intellectual education. In order to ensure that students are not forced to specialise at the age of 16 or be limited in their university choices, the subject curriculum includes more than just science and humanities. It also includes languages and arts.

Subjects, Tests, and More…

All IB students across Mumbai are required to take a course in the theory of knowledge in addition to their six academic disciplines, which must include two languages, the humanities, mathematics, experimental science, and arts or another course from the aforementioned five subject areas.

This means that the student must complete more than 150 hours of extracurricular activities that involve creativity, physical activity, and community service in addition to a 4,000-word research extended essay on a topic of his or her choosing that must meet college-level standards.

The evaluation is based on a combination of internal evaluation, final exams, and coursework evaluated by external examiners from across the world. Every student in the world takes the IB exam on the same day. The exams are administered in May in the northern hemisphere and in October in the southern hemisphere.

Each subject is graded from 1 to 7, and the extended essay and theory of knowledge essays can earn you up to 3 extra points. A student must receive a minimum of 24 points and a maximum of 45 points to receive an IB diploma.

IB schools take a more comprehensive approach and consider the final product in comparison to other tests and systems. With good grades in their advanced courses and relatively low scores in their standard courses, a student can earn a respectable diploma.

IB schools across Mumbai take a more comprehensive approach and consider the final product in comparison to other tests and systems. With good grades in their advanced courses and relatively low scores in their standard courses, a student can earn a respectable diploma. When measuring the score, it is advisable to use a global score because there is a lot of possibility for misunderstanding.

What Happens When Your Child Attends An IB School in Mumbai?

The IB diploma offers enormous breadth due to the variety of disciplines it covers and its capacity to help students develop their personalities through extracurricular activities, athletics, extended essay projects, and theory of knowledge.

IB is better suited for students who love independent research and a more difficult learning environment. The curriculum takes a lot of time, but overall, it tends to benefit students more in the long run.


The article makes it clear that the International Baccalaureate Diploma School has a lot to offer in order to guarantee your child’s future security and readiness.

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