IB Diploma Programme

How the IBDP works?

Podar International School Worli IBDP Programme


Through the DP, schools are able to develop students who:

  • Have excellent breadth and depth of knowledge.
  • Flourish physically, intellectually, emotionally and ethically.
  • Study at least two languages.
  • Excel in traditional academic subjects.
  • Explore the nature of knowledge through the programme’s theory of knowledge course.

IBDP Subject Offering
Group 1: English Language and Literature (HL & SL)
Group 2: French (HL & SL), Hindi (HL & SL), French Ab initio (SL)
Group 3: Business Management (HL & SL), Economics (HL & SL), Psychology (HL & SL), History (HL & SL)
Group 4: Physics (HL & SL), Chemistry (HL & SL), Biology (HL & SL), ESS ( SL), Computer Science. (HL & SL), Sports Exercise and
Health Science (HL & SL)
Group 5: Maths HL & SL (Analysis and Approaches / Applications and Interpretations)
Group 6: Visual Arts (HL & SL), Music (HL & SL), Film (HL & SL)
Students may choose one from each group or two from Group 3 or two from Group 5 and should do the compulsory CORE group (CAS, EE, TOK).

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